Michelle Smith

Stunt Woman, Acrobat, World & National Champion Baton Twirler, Educator, Speaker, Catwoman.

Michelle C. Smith is equal parts Cat as she is Bad Ass Ninja. Through her own example, she aspires to create a world where courage, creativity, compassion and authenticity reign by empower people to embrace their own Inner Bad Ass. Michelle also looks forward to playing Catwoman one day. (She really is the best choice!)

As one of the world’s leading experts in Staff Manipulation and Baton Twirling, Michelle has used her unique skills, strength and grace on many well know tv shows, movies and stage productions. Whether performing as a stunt woman, acrobat or educator, Michelle is know for being one of the top professionals in her industry.

Some shows you may have seen Michelle in include:


Red Riding Hood

Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief



2010 Winter Olympics


Building An Army

While not performing, you will usually find Michelle inspiring a new generation of Ninjas to kick ass and be their best selves…and to also join her Ninja Cat Army that will eventually save us all from the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse. (Or has it already begun? …) In reality, teaching is very close to Michelle's heart as she recognizes that her coaches have been some of the most important and influential people in her life. She feels it is her duty to pass on her knowledge, experience and wisdom in hopes of creating a lasting and positive impact on the next generation of athletes and artists. On the rare occasion you discover Michelle not working, you many discover she is an old soul, who enjoys a quiet space and a cup of tea. Michelle loves reading self development books, going for long adventure walks, making friends with Cats, meditating and getting sucked into Facebook. An avid advocate for personal and spiritual development, Michelle loves “Woo” magic and regularly seeks guidance from tarot cards, crystals and other guides.

Once a bossy child, always a Boss Lady!

It’s no secret that Michelle is an ambition young lady, who is meant to lead! She strives to share her story and work with the authentic vulnerability, courage, empathy and tenacity that is inherent in all of us. Through engaging workshops, keynote speeches, performances and rad online videos, Michelle shares her passion of living life in the most bad ass-ly powerful way. Her first step in creating a Bad Ass Empire begins with sharing the incredible skill of Manipulation/Baton Twirling and transforming it into something more accessible, modern and cool while building an awesome community of Bad Asses around her. Are you one of them?

Ready to unleash your INNER BAD ASS?

You can catch Michelle on various social media sites, where she posts new pictures and videos, all the time!

Certifications & Awards

Personal Training (NASM)

CPR-AED (St. John's Ambulance)

NCCP 1 & 2

Acrobatic Arts Certified

Deflying Fitness Flexibility Trainer (CanFit Pro)

National Baton Champion - All Events 2000-2003

World Baton Twirling Champion 1999

World Baton Twirling Medallist 1997-2002

Congressional Cup Champion, Baltimore, MD 2001

Member of Canadian World Team 1996-2003


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