ADA  Aerial Dance Acadamy

ADA was founded in 2012 By Tyler Heath. At the time Tyler was still performing full-time and saw a need for structured, professional quality and safe training for athletes wanting to pursue a career in performing arts and circus. His philosophy is to help people in the safest and purest form with the highest quality of training.


“Industry professionals paving the way”


Upon its creation ADA has teamed up with many professional coaches, performers and companies internationally to help provide the highest quality in excellent training for Hand Balancing, Acrobatics, Flexibility, Dance and Aerial. Keeping with its traditions ADA has worked many years to provide a Hand Balancing Teacher certification course providing coaches and teachers with Certified excellence in Hand balance training. This Program backed by Alixa Flexibility and Acrobatic arts has been ground breaking in creating a safe high standard in training hand stands suitable for all genres of its field.


“Artistry, Technique and fun”

Workshops & Training

Full Day Workshop

6 hrs training students & 2 hrs training coaches/teachers.

Held at your facility.

Student Workshop

Min. 2 hr training students.

Held at your facility or one of TADA's partnering facilities.

T2T - Train The Trainer

Min. 2 hr workshop with 1-2 of our specialty coaches.

Held at your facility.


A session of 1-2 hrs to choreograph a routine with one

of our elite level performers/coaches.

Private Tutoring

We can work with you to create a personalized plan

in a variety of art forms.

Hand Balancing Certification

Become a Certified Hand Balancing instructor TODAY!

The highest standard in hand balancing certification.


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Successful Workshops



Get certified in a hand balancing syllabus that will sky rocket your coaching skills to the highest and safest level. Hand Stands and Hand Balancing are becoming more and more popular this day and age. Implementing TADA programs will redefine your coaching programs and studios.  This course creates the best way to ensure correct, safe and fun balances for all participants. Athletes and students needing stabilization, strength, mobility, and repertoire will gain the most from a TADA certified instructor.

Arabian Press Full

$ 5
Standing Arabian rock press to hand stand and Full straddle press to hand stand.
half press to hand stand
full straddle press to hand stand
insuring clean strong lines and strength
recommened for everyone

Barrel Hand Stands

$ 5
In this video we will show you how to execute a hand stand properly on a horse for vaulting.
dismounts and shoulder isolation
achieve the strongest hand
skills / spotting
used for cross training

Forearm Stands

$ 5
Forearm stands are an important and crucial element to straight and strong handstands.
go over good shape
shoulder and hand placement
recommened for everyone

Straight Hand Stand with Straddle Taps

$ 5
Learn the ins and outs of both of these fundamental skills the everyone needs to master.
straight hand stand
straddle taps
warm ups

Contortion Handstand & Dragon Snaps

$ 5
In this video you will learn correct and proper placement/control.
proper facilitation
execution for dragon snaps
advanced skill
certified coaches or professionals

Warm Up One & Warm Up Two

$ 5
The first parts to a fun basic warm up you should start all of your balance classes with.
mobility on the flexion in the wrists
shoulder engagement
recommened for everyone
I came across Tyler in 2008, His expertise in acrobatics far exceeded the level of studios in Australia. His professional and vigorous training programs pushed my acrobatic students to compete and win and in some of the top leading competitions in South Asia Pacific area. Whenever Tyler visits home to Australia we are ecstatic to have have him here at Legs. His colleagues miss his funny outrageous attitude but are glad that the rest of the world get to experience our home grown performer and coach.

- Michelle Heine

Owner & Director Legs Dance Pty LTD
Tyler has a vast knowledge of all things acro, and incredible ability to share it with his students. My dancers learnt so much in his workshop and loved working with him! We can hardly wait for the opportunity to attend a class with him again! Thanks TADA!

Mandy Yip

CEO & Founder, Acrobatic Arts
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